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The Ultimate Solution for Inventory Management

The Ultimate Solution for Inventory Management

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Never run out of your best-selling products with Kentro POS's real-time inventory tracking. Monitor inventory levels, track sales, and receive notifications when stock levels are running low to avoid stockouts or overspending.

Inventory Forecasting

Make informed decisions about your stock levels with Kentro POS's powerful inventory forecasting tools. Generate reports that show inventory trends over time, predict future demand, and reduce the risk of stockouts and overstocking.

Multi-Channel Management

Manage inventory across all channels from a single platform with Kentro POS. Create purchase orders, receive stock directly into inventory, and make informed decisions about reordering and stock levels across physical stores, online stores, and marketplaces.

Automated Purchase Orders

Create and send purchase orders directly from Kentro POS, reducing the time and effort required for manual purchase order management. Automated purchase orders can be set up based on inventory levels, ensuring businesses always have the right products in stock.

Reporting and Analytics

Track inventory levels, product performance, and purchasing trends with Kentro POS's powerful reporting and analytics tools. Make informed decisions about reordering and stock levels and optimize your inventory management processes.

Barcode Scanning

Add products to your inventory, update inventory levels, and track product movements quickly and efficiently with Kentro POS's barcode scanning capabilities. Reduce manual data entry and minimize the risk of errors.

Customizable Low-Stock Alerts

Receive notifications when inventory levels fall below a certain threshold with Kentro POS's customizable low-stock alerts. Set up alerts for specific products to take quick action and prevent stockouts, keeping your inventory levels optimized to meet customer demand.


Kentro POS provides a comprehensive set of features for effective inventory management. From real-time inventory tracking to customizable low-stock alerts, businesses can streamline their inventory management processes and improve overall efficiency with Kentro POS.

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