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Power your business

Revolutionize Your Retail Business with Kentro POS

Transform your retail business and provide exceptional customer experiences with Kentro POS

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Why Kentro POS

Offer the best retail checkout experience.

Easy setup, ultimate experience.

Kentro POS provides necessary tools to please customers during and after their checkout experience. With compatibility on various devices such as laptops, PCs, and tablets, Kentro POS enables efficient management of sales and customer interactions.


Accelerate your growth with Kentro POS.

Users of Kentro POS have access to strong features that let them expand their businesses swiftly. Kentro POS takes care of all your retail requirements under one roof, allowing you to expand and succeed, from inventory management and sales to retail analytics and payments.

Inventory management made easy
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Inventory management made easy.

Kentro POS assists you in stocking the right products at the right time, from inventory planning through tracking and reorders.

Utilize powerful retail analytics to help you make the best choices

With Kentro POS, you can look at your business from a broad perspective or focus in on certain data.

Using staff performance reports, you may pinpoint your best employees and discover coaching possibilities.

By identifying your top spenders and buyers, you can increase client engagement

Run multiple locations? With Kentro POS's multi-store reporting, you can control and keep an eye on everything.

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Manage multiple locations with ease.

Run and scale your business with one intuitive solution.

Run multiple locations? With Kentro POS's multi-store reporting, you can control and keep an eye on everything.

Utilize enterprise-level analytics and insights to scale your business and determine the best products to sell.

Enjoy fast and secure payment processing that is seamlessly integrated into our platform from the get-go

Give your customers the payment flexibility they need while safeguarding their data with Kentro POS Payments. Our solution enables you to accept credit cards, provide one-click payment options, and much more

Accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay

Get paid securely with PCI compliance plus end-to-end encryption

Fast and secure payment
Customers points

Reward your customers with love and points

Your loyal fans make your business hum. Kentro POS Rewards lets you create a unique loyalty program that gives customers ways to earn special perks. Setup’s easy, and it comes built-in with your Kentro POS.

Streamline your retail experience with our powerful POS.


Our Clients

Why companies like Kentro POS?

"Since switching to Kentro POS, our sales have increased by 20%. The platform's easy-to-use interface has streamlined our checkout process, allowing us to serve more customers in less time"

Jane Smith

Owner of Jane's Boutique

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